About SZENARIO.net

By a scenario I mean a possible reality. These conceivable realities can be in the near or distant future. So tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

According to the principle of the butterfly effect, everything can influence and change the future, i.e. be significant. The big categories for me are: technology, society, politics, nature, art. And big sub-themes: Networking, robots, military, natural disasters, demographics, migration, science and science fiction and many more.

About me (short)

I, Henry Jakob, was born and grew up in Frankfurt am Main in 1971 and graduated from high school.

Studied and graduated in industrial design in Saarbrücken and was a guest student at the Ludwigsburg Film Academy.

Award winner (Cyberstar with Benjamin Seide for “PARAMATRIX” 1995) and scholarship GMD, today Fraunhofer Institute.

Diploma 1998: Concept and design for the all-in-one-combat-communicator: A smartphone as a weapon in the information age.

Over 15 years in various positions in the publishing industry (focus: digitalisation) and private online projects.